Episode 36: Peter Kessler 3

Episode 36: Peter Kessler 3

Peter Kessler — the Voice of Golf, historian and one of the most outspoken commentators in the game — returns to the podcast to talk to Derek about his recent social media dustups with Brandel Chamblee and the fans of No Laying Up, about being provocative on Twitter, the skills required to be great on camera, the consequences of the shift in the way consumers view golf content, elevating and creating a new standard in golf media, his upcoming re-emergence on the small screen, the importance of legislating the golf ball, USGA Open set-up malfeasance, what the new standard should be to get into the World Golf Hall of Fame, jamming with Dennis Wilson and frankly too many other tasty bits to cover here. Just listen.

Outro: “Roll Me Away,” Bob Seger

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10 Replies to “Episode 36: Peter Kessler 3”

  1. Wow, PK thinks very highly of himself. To compare himself to Leonardo or Michelangelo is epically grandiose. His delusions of grandeur will precede his fading presence until his next twitter rant.

  2. This is what results when you offer a pompous, self-important windbag an open mic. An endless screed of unwarranted superiority and relentless “congratulations to me.” Kessler apparently Actually Believes that he has something to offer as a commentator or even a mentor to the new wave of content creators but the fact is, conducting interviews with host of former golf stars is hardly the resume of Walter Cronkite, Bob Costas or even Barbara Walters. He has somehow convinced himself that he’s a “sniper” whose role is to “hit people between the eyes” on Twitter when, in reality, the aging Kessler is yet another irrelevant internet troll, desperately mashing buttons in order to keep his foot in the door. The world has move on; Peter Kessler should retreat back into obscurity. Sad fact is, if anyone was interested in a washed-up minor-league voiceover guy, they’d be calling him — not the other way around.

  3. Kessler says “Golf is the only sport where equipment is unregulated” and THERE’S NO PUSHBACK?
    Any interviewer who allows a guest to compare himself to Michelangelo, Leonardo di Vinci and the Beatles and doesn’t call him out is simply ill-equipped to participate in the discussion. Kessler’s 10-minute YouTube “shows” are destined to die in quiet obscurity but the deluded host is certain to insist that everyone in golf is wrong and stupid but the self-described “voice of golf” still Knows All.

  4. I think my most indelible impression of this self-obsessed diatribe is the point where Kessler rips the teleogenetic qualities of Peter Kostis, Gary Koch and Jaime Diaz, both insulting their looks and insisting these men aren’t attractive enough to be on television. This from a man whose jowly, fat-lipped face has all the appeal of a beaten piece of leather whose features were shaped by a pair of tap-dancing metal baseball spikes. It’s obviously apparent that the desperately-seeking-relevancy Kessler is firing off outlandish smoke bombs in the fading hoping that becoming “golf’s flame-thrower” will land him either a real media gig or enough followers to make his upcoming YouTube “show” worthwhile. Sorry, pal… pretending to have an ego greater than even Donald Trump’s comes off as nothing more than dreary, uninspired schtick.

  5. Love those comments. So many angry, little people. Hilarious. Made my morning. Sitting with friends reading them aloud. Fantastic! We’re voting on the comments in several categories. Thanks for participating. 🏌️Pk

  6. I just went back and listened to all three Kessler episodes, and although there are some bold statements made, there is no denying that Kessler’s knowledge on all aspects of the game may be second to none. The content he put out on Golf Talk Live was some of the most –if not the most – compelling television on the matter ever. The debate with Palmer over non-conforming clubs showed that Peter was not just a “yes man” and that he was not afraid to take on just the “safe” topics. For proof of Kessler’s interviewing skills, a must see is an interview he did with Frank Stranahan, a guy that probably the majority of the golfing-public may not know, but a guy who had a successful career in golf and an incredible life story. Kessler turned an uncomfortable interview that was going nowhere due to the reticence of Stranahan to participate, into compelling television by the end. As golf fans, we all lost when Kessler was let go by GC. When a guy has the knowledge, the passion and the love for the game that Kessler has, why wouldn’t we want to see more of him? I hope his new project is well-received, and I hope we can see more of him back in the mainstream again.

      1. Derek, I am exploring all avenues to try and find, as I haven’t seen it since it’s original air date. Can you grab my email off the back end of the site and shoot me yours? I will forward if I can find.

  7. This it’s Michael Whelan I was the original VP of production and EP of the golf channel. I was the one who hired all of the talent (Kesler) created the entire look, all of the shows, the sets, the music, the graphics, etc..I created all the shows not Peter–without me the golf channel would have sunk. Found your interview with Peter…hum interesting.

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