Episode 1: Jim Engh

Episode 1: Jim Engh

Noted golf course architect and past winner of Golf Digest’s Architect of the Year Award Jim Engh calls in to talk to Derek Duncan about the concept of image creation, pushing the envelop in his designs, the eureka moment that led him to pursue his bold style of golf holes, chasing an endorphine rush on the golf course and why it pays to be patient when playing his courses…or listening to music.

Listen here to Derek Duncan discuss Tom Coyne’s “A Course Called Ireland” with hosts Rod Morri and Adrian Logue of the iSeekGolf Podcast.

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2 Replies to “Episode 1: Jim Engh”

  1. Derek – I decided I should post this here instead of tacking it on to the TSN discussion…

    After recently finding your podcasts, I listened to the Jim Engh podcast – figured I might as well start at the beginning! It was very well done and I learned a lot about Jim and his approach to design. I haven’t played any of his courses yet, and while I’ve never been a big fan of the aesthetics of his “muscle bunkers,” the interview was a good lesson that there’s more to a course than just the way it looks. His mantra of having fun – and seeing the ball roll on the ground – definitely caught my interest and opened my mind a bit more to his work. Four Mile Ranch has been on my list for a while based on photos and reviews that I’ve seen – will have to make an effort to check out some other Engh designs, too – I can’t believe I had never heard of Awarii Dunes before.

    Looking forward to working my way through your other podcasts and getting caught up!

    1. Thanks for the comments and the listen, John. I appreciate the feedback. Engh is a pretty polarizing designer but understanding his viewpoint definitely helps the experience of playing his courses. My father and I played with him at Four Mile Ranch, and when Jim explained to my dad how to hit shots around the greens the lightbulb went off for him and he completely got into the course.

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