What is Feed The Ball?

What is Feed The Ball?

Welcome to the FeedTheBall podcast.

“Feed the ball” must count as my three favorite words in golf.  As in, Play down the left and let the slope feed the ball toward the center, or, Aim right and let the ball feed down to the pin.

It denotes the golf ball rolling on the ground, something beyond a two dimensional shot that simply flies from one point and stops at another. It’s reflective of playing golf intuitively, and of courses where ground movements influence strategy and the outcomes of shots.

Truly great courses require you to read elements beyond distance and direction. They make you consider what happens after the ball lands, where you need to play it to get it to where you want it. Feed the ball.

On this podcast I’ll have conversations with golf course architects and others involved in the game about this and other ideas. We’ll talk about their thoughts on design (their own and hopefully others), how their careers developed, as well as their thoughts on the state of the industry and its future.

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6 Replies to “What is Feed The Ball?”

  1. Really nice interview with Dr. Hurdzan. I’m a fan of his work — love Neshanic Valley here in NJ and enjoyed Cook’s Creek outside Columbus. Great questions Derek, could’ve listened to him for another hour!

  2. Derek,

    Just came across your podcast the other day. Excellent stuff. I’ve recently been bit by the course architecture bug, and I appreciate your ability to get the guests to relax and speak thoughtfully. The most recent with Mike was especially thought provoking. Athens resident here; if you’re ever in the area let me treat you to a round. I’d like to pick your brain on some architecture stuff.

    Kevin Moore

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Kevin. I’d love to take you up on your offer next time I’m out that way. I’m editing right now an interview with Ian Andrew, and we get into some pretty cool stuff. Thanks for listening.

  3. Derek,

    Finally caught up on your back catalog episodes. Thanks so much for expanding the discussion on golf course architecture. I feel like there are some really loud voices in the industry right now that think there is only one acceptable way. Being new to this, I thought that was just the only way it was. I can’t tell you how refreshing your perspective has been to have logic and a different viewpoint on courses and architecture that doesn’t fit the current runaway narrative. It has helped me to better identify what I love about a course when I play it.

    Thanks again for bringing us your perspective!

    Andy Carr

    1. Thanks Andy, I really appreciate the feedback. There are so many compelling, diverse people in the business right now beyond the loud voices, and so much potential. Golf doesn’t have to be what’s been handed to us. And I’m learning as I go too.


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